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You Choose; 60-70s Rock, Soul, 80s New Wave/Pop, Jazz, Soundtracks, Country, & More...(list below)

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Condition Options

Choose VG++ (Super Clean) or VG (Still Playable)

 VG++/NM  Condition will have jackets that are in great clean condition on the surface and along the seams.  The vinyl will have ultra minor or no blemishes at all.  Music will play perfect.

VG  Condition may have some visible wear to the jacket and/or some wear on the seams.  The vinyl will have some scratches or blemishes that could possibly have some minor affect on the sound.  There will be NO deep scratches causing skipping.  There will also NOT be any cracks or warping. 


Prime and Standard Music Genre Options

Prime Music Options

Pick up to 3 below and change anytime

Classic rock

Soul / R&B / Funk

80s New Wave Rock Pop

Latin Mexican Spanish

Country /Folk

Jazz /Blues/Big Band Mix 

Classical /Orchestra

1950-60s Pop Vocal

70-80s Soundtracks

50-70s Soundtracks /Musicals

World Music / International 

Cheesecake Sexy Covers

Comedy /Stand-up

Children /Kids

Weird Oddball Albums
7" Rock Pop Bands (1970-80s)
7" Mix Jazz Pop Vocal Rock Soul (1950-60s)
7” punk/metal 1990-00s

Standard Music Options

Pick up to 3 below and change anytime 

Jazz /Blues /Big Band Mix /Crooners 
Country/ Folk
1950-60s Pop Vocal 
Classical /Orchestra  
Cheesecake Sexy Covers 
70-80s Soundtracks 
50-70s Soundtracks / Musicals 
World Music / International 
Comedy /Stand-up
Children /Kids
Weird Oddball Albums
7" Rock Pop Bands (1970-80s)
7" Mix Jazz Pop Vocal Rock Soul (1950-60s)

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We are a San Diego online record business that has grown over the last 20 years into an international vinyl record supplier for music lovers everywhere.  In the last few years we have also created one of the few original vinyl record subscription options in the United States.  Currently, our online presence is on eBay, Discogs, Cratejoy, and of course here at are website.  We also sell locally in San Diego at the Casbah Vinyl Junkie Record Swap, Koby Swap Meet, and other Southern California Record Shows.  We love music and enjoy helping others find their favorite artists and songs on vinyl.   We appreciate each and every customer and always offer a 100% guarantee.  Thank you for shopping with us!


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