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Detailed Descriptions

Prime Music Options:                                   
(pick up to 3 below and change anytime)                        

Jazz /Blues/Big Band Mix

Classic rock
Soul / R&B        
Latin Mexican Spanish                 
1950-60s Pop Vocal     
80s Pop / New Wave           
Cheesecake Sexy Covers
Rap / Hip-Hop
70-80s Soundtracks
50-70s Soundtracks / Musicals
World Music / International

Weird Oddball Albums
7" Rock Pop Bands (1970-80s)
7" Mix Jazz Pop Vocal Rock Soul (1950-60s)
7” punk/metal 1990-00s

Standard Music Options:
(pick up to 3 below and change anytime) 

Jazz/blues/big band mix      
1950-60s Pop Vocal 
Classical / Orchestra
Cheesecake Sexy Covers
1950-70s Soundtracks / Musicals
World Music / International
Rap / Hip-Hop

Weird Oddball Albums
7" Rock Pop Bands (1970-80s)
7" Mix Jazz Pop Vocal Rock Soul (1950-60s)
Mystery Random Selection

                                                  Condition Options:

VG++/NM  Condition will have jackets that are in great clean condition on the surface and along the seams.  The vinyl will have ultra minor or no blemishes at all.  Sound will play perfect.

VG  Condition may have some visible wear to the jackets and/or some wear to the seams.  The vinyl will have some scratches or blemishes that could possibly have some minor affect on the sound.  There will be NO deep scratches causing skipping.  There will also NOT be any cracks or major warping.

Still not sure how this works...?
We will send you 6 records every month from the genre of your choice.  You can change genres or cancel at any time.  100% guarantee or your money back.  There is no artist list to pick from since we have 1000s of records and are constantly updating our inventory.  All vinyl has been sorted into genre and we send a mixture of popular and rare/obscure albums from the music type you select.  The records are always sent in a hard cardboard box made especially for vinyl LP albums.  Simply click above on the PayPal Subscribe button above and your vinyl will be shipped out right away.  You will then be charged via PayPal once a month.  We are also available via telephone, email, or text for any customer service questions at (858) 859-3313 or  Hours: Everyday 8am – 8pm PST.  Thank you.

Below are examples of sample boxes you would get for a few of our more popular offered genres:
(classic rock, 80s new wave pop, country, soul funk, soundtracks, jazz, and we have many more listed above...)
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